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This is a very rare incident but one that could be deadly. I just taught several classes where bites and stings were one of the topics. As providers we need to keep up on our skills and be prepared, this could happen anywhere.

  • Is your agency prepared to conduct an efficient and safe mass casualty move for one of your local hospitals? I had to conduct one and it takes a lot of planning, coordination, and resources.

  • At any time, a simple routine like a trip on an airline can become a mass casualty. This flight to Hawaii was only 30 minutes away thankfully from Honolulu. Once the plane landed the local EMS declared a Mass Casualty incident. Several passengers to include the attendants were injured with various injuries. If this airplane was landing in your local airport, do you have the resources or hospital beds to support a Mass Casualty incident. Should providers just flying assist or are their liability issues Should at least one or two depending on crew size be trained in first aid and not just a class every couple of years to hold a card?

  • A a former Firefighter and safety officer it is imperative the scene is always monitored as it changes. The loss of these three lives could have been prevented and the injury of a fourth. I was not there but have been in similar situations where the leadership determined trying to fight the fire of an empty building from the inside wasn't the best approach. Our thoughts and prayers are with these three families and as the article shows, they believe there were some mistakes made at the top.

    Family members of 3 fallen Baltimore firefighters plan to sue city, state

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