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Ongoing Projects

Effective Training

I have worked with many clients on a variety of projects throughout my career. In every project, I carefully guided my clients to overcome their challenges and build effective, long-lasting strategies. Check out our current programs.

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Advance Medical Providers

Started May 2021

In order to develop and provide an advanced medical responder who can operate safely within a critical incident. We have developed and maintained an Advance Care Provider course for emergency responders from all branches.


Operational Medical programs non-medics


The new IFAC or ICARE programs can provide those individuals who might be working in harm's way to have the basic knowledge of medical skills to provide, self-aid, buddy-aid, or support the team medic.

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New Programs


At Eagle Med Solutions LLC we constantly try to provide new programs to support the communities or agencies responsible for first response. Check back here for upcoming programs or activities.

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