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The use of tactical medics

As the world changes and their is more uncertainties of economics, affects of COVID, abilities to make ends meet, specialized law enforcement teams are frequently being dispatched to more dangerous calls. In the past the local EMS agency would also be called but have to sit ideally blocks away from the red or hot zone and await a call that the scene was clear or that a patient was being carried to them. Any medic knows time is life and the faster a medical provider can start life saving interventions, the better it is for the patient(s). Because of the need for a quicker response, agencies are incorporating "tactical medics" into their teams. With any new idea come controversy, doubts and concerns. One of the biggest concern is "do we arm the medic", this debate will continue for a long time and open for another conversation. Another debate is do the medics only follow EMS or Fire protocols? Some say this is an easy answer but in the heat of battle, a medic might have to forego the twelve lead EKG or supplemental oxygen and straight to other interventions, does this violate the Medical Directors protocols? It could, but could also save a life. So how do medical providers on tactical teams ensure good patient care but not violate protocols? Again another good conversation. I think the use of a trained medical provider assigned to a specialized tactical law enforcement team is a win-win for both the team and the patients. Be safe

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