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Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support

Bedan Chege, 05/09/22

Current research shows a significant lack of knowledge concerning the distinctive signs and risk issues related to serious medical conditions among medical students and laypersons. Basic life support consists of several medical procedures provided to patients with life-threatening conditions of the body that cause pain or dysfunction.

Equipping yourself with basic information regarding community cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is essential. Basic life support gives us the knowledge and skills to save the lives of individuals experiencing unexpected attacks. Stakeholders are emphasizing and encouraging people to take this training on essential life support to be able to save lives.

Most patients who have cardiac arrests die due to a lack of fast treatment or delays in waiting for the doctor's arrival. Research shows that 80% of cardiac arrests happen at home and in the presence of a family member or colleague. The national survival rate stands at 6% for cardiac arrest patients.

Basic life support allows suitable treatment at the appropriate time, therefore enhancing the need for taking this training to reduce the death rate due to patients not getting immediate attention.

International well-known organizations such as the Red Cross and American Heart Association have allowed basic life support training to be offered by authorized and certified administrations. Basic life support is also important for careers such as security personnel, daycare providers, caregivers, and teachers.

** Eagle Med Solutions LLC would like to thank Bedan Chege for taking the time to write and add this blog to our website.

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