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Operation Assessments

As medical providers, some fall into the complacency of " One who just provides medical treatments" but as an operational medic or provider there are so many other task we must undergo , before each training or operations even starts. Let look at a few areas a medical provider should be aware or concerned with, and then mitigate any potential problems.

Even before the training or operation starts, the medics should be reviewing medical histories on all participants, no matter their role in the event. Before a new training event, a medical questionnaire should be given to each participant and reviewed by the medical staff, this can help alleviate any injuries or reoccurring injuries from happening. If a participant answers a question "yes" this should warrant a more comprehensive review and discussion with the participant.

Also prior to the event , a plan should be briefed and the provider should look at all the risk and work on mitigation. Never rely on a senior member since they might have more pending issues or not be aware of potential injuries from events, that a medic might. As a provider and somebody who writes Operational Risk Management docs (ORM) , I can identify potential injuries or mishaps just as I review the training or operational plan.

Review the emergency evacuation plan, is is current, has any of the medical facilities or responders changed? Are the emergency contact numbers still valid, has any of the routes to and from changed from new or ongoing construction. Is there an air medical platform available? Once the plan is confirmed by the medic, ensure time is allowed by the senior member to brief and have question and answer time by all persons attending the training or going on operation.

Assist members with their medical IFAK's or if they are a support medic, with their medical equipment. Look through each kit to include your own, are the batteries good, is everything current, is there any items expired or starting to rot or get old. Remember somebody's life will rely on your attention to detail.

Finally after the training or operation, do a good After Action Review (AAR), this can be with your support medics, but should also be with the senior members of the team, all persons involved or any outside agencies who supported. Discuss the thigs done well but also what could be approved upon. Be safe but be diligent.

Health Screening Questionnaire
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