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Preparing for the worse...

This is an article from EMS1 about the latest school shooting in the US, there have been several in the past years and each time we hear so many on the news ' we never thought it would happen here". As a providers or a first responder in another capacity what are you and your department or agency doing to prepare for that next "what if?"

As professionals we are taught day one on how to check off our rigs, apparatuses or cars in preparation for each day. Some larger areas that have a Fire Marshall, a new construction or office building or school might get a walk through for safety reasons. How many times has the blueprints or what the Marshall identifies actually passed down to other agencies or kept in a location, easily accessible if there was a major incident?

Should new members of fire, EMS or Law Enforcement be given tours of any major schools, malls or office buildings prior to being signed off? Should agencies or departments be required to conduct walk throughs or even drill within their agency or as a group effort with school, office or security staff every quarter or a minimum twice a year? How many departments actually take the time to work with school staff to prepare and work out mitigations for a natural or man made disaster? This can apply anywhere in the world. We need to be more proactive instead of always reactive for no apparent reasons , except lack of motivation to make a difference. Be safe!

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