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Something not really practiced and even thought of are bus accidents. In Kenya we see them all the time, usually just fender benders as we say in the US with minimal damage, but what if it was worse or a bus full of kids. Have you are your agency discussed a mass casualty incident involving kids? How comfortable do you feel about medical calls involving kids. Most if not all school busses are not equipped with seat belts except for the driver so in any type of impact there is going to be people/ students thrown around and a multiple gambit of injuries. Here is a video of a school bus that was hit by a car going at a high rate of speed, look at how much these kids were tossed around , listen to the screaming and see the confusion, are you ready for this type of call?

Apr 28, 2022

It's really a very big challenge dealing with scared children calling their parents at the time. It will take medics some time to calm them down but go for massive bleeding incase there's...



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