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EMS education

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As providers we are sometimes the best resource for information for the communities we support. As providers and especially in uniform (medical) we are looked at as the experts, by no means are we ever going to achieve that with medicine always changing, but we can always improve and be knowledgably in our professions. Teaching CPR or the use of an AED is one of those skills we can and should pass onto our communities, if you get a chance to speak to community leaders discuss the ability to hold classes but then provide AED's and maybe a bleeding kit in key areas especially in large shopping malls or industrial locations. In saying this , providers must first ensure they are the most knowledgeable about CPR and AED's, just because you have a patch, does not make you so , you just know more than the lay rescuer. Attend an instructor course, shadow other senior instructors ad become as close to the expert as you can. Here is another good article.

Training Day: Train citizens to use an AED


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