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I have been asked about a MIST report and a SOAP report. Both can provide valuable information for patient care but the MIST is usually included in a 9 Line report or used as a pass over to other providers. The acronym M.I.S.T. stands for:

  1. M- Mechanism of Injury- what caused the injury

  2. I- Injury sustained

  3. S- Signs and Symptoms

  4. T- Treatment or Time

Some MIST reports will add a D at the beginning to indicate Demographics (age/gender). Some MIST reports will add AT the beginning to indicate, A- Age, date of birth, and T- time of the incident.

A S.O.A.P. report is usually used after the patient is turned over to a higher medical authority and documents everything as providers you did for the patient(s) in a structured method. The report is usually in multiple pages that carbon copy onto each other. One copy is kept for medics or medics agency records, one for hospital and the other can be used in Q/A or if other agencies are involved a copy for their records. There are several reports that can be given but S.O.A.P. stands for:

  1. S- Subjective- what the patient or others report

  2. O- Objective- what you see or find

  3. A- Assessment- what you find

  4. P- Plan- step you will or did provide in the care of the patient.

It is imperative that every patient treated gets some form of write up, this will provide a structured means of care given, cover any questions that might arise later, can note equipment used, and will provide a means to assess medics procedures, and care, or protocols (Q/A) or quality and assurance.

PT report
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This is one example of a run or care report.


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